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“La Scarzuola” is a convent founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1218 and it is named after a marsh plant, the Scarza, which the saint used to build himself a hut. In 1956 the convent complex was bought and restored by milan architect Tomaso Buzzi (1900-1981) who, between 1958 and 1978, planned and erected his own ideal city, envisaged as a theatrical machine, next to the convent, Buzzi’s city, which includes as many as 7 theatres, culminates in the Acropolis, a wealth of buildings consisting of a number of archetypes which, empty inside and equipped with as many volumes as one might find in a termites nest, reveal a number of vistas.

Visiting “La Scarzuola” you will think in terms of empty spaces and outlines, what lies in or outside them.


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