“Timensions” is a contemporary art installation investigating the possibility of
multiple existences, inspired primarily by Many-­Worlds Theory in Quantum
Physics as well as String Theory’s concept of parallel universes and multiple
By modifying the perceived spatial distribution of the exhibition visitor with
semi-­translucent curtains and projections, we aim to create an immersive and
personal experience of artistic interpretative analogies for current Quantum
theories proposing explanations for mankind’s cosmological and sub-­atomic
We are investigating moments of choice & chance in our lives by creating
an experiential space of suggestion, possibilities and feelings about the
multi-­layered nature of all existence (and our variable perception thereof),
referencing the behavioural nature of elementary particles. Such particles
indicate at the crest of their wave function a disappearance of time, and
consequently suggest existence becoming eternal.
The objective of the proposed installation is to create the sensation of
immersion and personal investigation into elemental theories of existence by
the exhibition visitor;; surpassing the commonly perceived complexities of the
subject matter. We are encouraging introspection beyond a plain theoretical
assessment and so aim to initiate questioning of our ever-­present reality

Timensions, an art installation by Dario Lombardi and Linda Sim Solay



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